About PAB

P.A.B ROMANIA Ltd. ARAD Trading Company, located in Arad, Zona Industriala Micalaca Est F.N., jud. Arad, 310199, registered at the Chamber of Commerce under no. J02/35/93, fiscal code RO 3513698 is a Romanian company with a joint stock of 1.500.000.RON.

The main field of activity of the society is manufacturing commercial, industrial, agricultural buildings, civil buildings of general interest, entertainment and sports places.

Our delivery services cover the entire spectrum of activities from simple manufacturing (as a specialist entrepreneur) to the complete delivery of the project, along with the full range of services such as design, preconstruction and manufacturing to the expiration of the warranty of projects.

The society is concerned with obtaining the necessary legal documents for building, designing, manufacturing and assembling metallic and concrete constructions, manufacturing closing perimeters and roofs with or without thermal and hydro insulation as well as floors and industrial platforms.

The constructive solutions adopted confer a vast range of advantages. They are modern solutions confirmed and implemented by our prior experience gained in time.

Some of the advantages are: quick manufacture, long lasting, low maintenance expenses, thermal and acoustic insulation as well as a nice design of the building.

The company disposes of 720 employees divided into different departments which form a very well organized unit.

The company has collaboration agreements with the authorized testing laboratories in the surroundings of woks in progress.

The technical equipment park that our company has in endowment is various starting with mini-excavators, telescopic trucks, frontal cranes, excavators on wheels and caterpillar excavators, compacting cylinders, bulldozers, motor cranes, diesel motor and electric self-lifting platforms, equipments of low and high mechanization, means of travel for the stuff, motor trucks for transporting materials, the newest motor layouts which confer high productivity.

The experience acquired in time in adopting modern qualitative solutions, as well as the performance of each department and high productivity of the motor park triggered about the steady increase of the social investment of the company. It reached 1.500.000. RON in 2007, having the following turnovers in the last 4 years:

  •  year 2014 = 38,7 mil Euro
  •  year 2015 = 42,5 mil Euro
  •  year 2016 = 60,9 mil Euro
  •  year 2017 = 52,5 mil Euro (estimated)

The materials used by our society in achieving the targets are from producers world wide known for the quality they assure.The seriousness proven in dealing with foreign companies has led to a good collaboration and priority for the deliveries requested by our company.

PAB experience stretches over a wide range of projects. We are specialized in many fields belonging the constructions market, simply because our work has been determined by the needs of our beneficiaries. This flexibility meant opportunities to build in any field, from very large commercial centers, or very small ones, exhibition centers or objectives of general interest, to sport centers and entertainment grounds, hospitals and complex industrial factories. When new projects make us work away from home, we take with us the values which consecrated our company.

Succeeding in life and business happens the most efficiently when your partners share your values. These values don’t develop by themselves – they have to be constantly cultivated. At PAB, we do this everyday – sustaining values that guide our steps. We believe in our values, and endeavor to translate these values into our behavior and daily actions:


Integrity – Honesty, courage and the feeling of being a master craftsman demands each one of us to take personal responsibility.

("I always do the right things, the things that I also expect from my partners")

Excellency – Our talent and imagination help impregnate the idea of safety and quality in our culture.

("I am motivated to be the best by the results I achieve")

People – Our respect and confidence in partners and in the results of our work lead to creating a culture of partnership.

(" I build solid and positive connections and I try to obtain the best from each situation and each person that I work with")

Learning – Accepting the challenge requires availability to changes and focus on the steady improvement of our actions.

("I search ways to improve my and others' activity, supporting an attitude which encourages personal and professional development")

Community – Being a good citizen calls for personal implication which consolidates PAB's name and reputation

("I always offer")

Dedication – Commitment and concentration requires acting equitably.

("At PAB, we will persist until we reach the final goal).