Delivery Methods

Irrespective of the delivery method, the approach to each project is the same – that of an undisputed leader in safety procedures, quality and project management, with the stated aim to surpass your expectations. Each beneficiary can choose a different method of delivery, which is best suited for the planning, designing and the building he wants. We have the experience of a full scale of methods, ranging from simple auctions for construction contracts (in which case PAB has no involvement in the design phase) to the delivery of complete projects (when PAB plays a decisive role beginning with the early design process until the carrying out of the last guarantees).


PAB signs a lump sum contract for a global amount (flat-rate) in exchange for the construction services it offers, as a result of auctions based on the contract documents supplied by the customer. 


PAB is committed to achieve the preconstruction and construction phase, without actually constructing with their own staff. Subcontracts are owned by the beneficiary. While carrying out the project, PAB is involved with the beneficiary, architects and consultants beginning with the design and construction until the investment is operational and taken hold of by the beneficiary. In time PAB services have diversified offering our customers a complete control over: costs, execution schedule, feasibility of projects, quality of executed works and guarantees. 


PAB completes the works and services in the preconstruction and construction phase of the project, which are granted as a result of auctions and contract negotiations and executes on its own strength a big part of these works. PAB can make with its staff a great variety of civil works and structural ones, steel and concrete structures, all types of works of closing, as well as finishing and equipment assembly. By performing the most critical phases of the construction by its own, PAB exercises a maximum control over costs, program and execution quality issues. All subcontracts are held by PAB, so the execution schedule as well as the costs are guaranteed. 


PAB performs a combination of the two methods described above - both the project management and the general contracting of the works performed. From the management of works in the preconstruction phase to the accomplishment with the own staff of the most important works during the construction phase PAB controls the project from the very beginning to its end. The guarantee concerning quality execution within the deadline and the budget is maximum. 


PAB provides an extensive team of specialists within different areas to help design teams in their efforts. Our focus is on connecting all subcontractors with designers to find the best solutions that satisfy all the needs of the beneficiary


PAB concludes a single contract, which includes all services for planning, design, construction and implementation of a project. From the draught to the actual functioning of the objective the responsibility and the guarantee are total. 


PAB closes a settlement with the customer, design team and teams of builders, to have a cooperation that allows a share of benefits when the project objectives are achieved. Execution of such projects allows us to fully integrate our approach to works, our safety and quality programs to successfully attain the object for all team members.