Energy & Environment


"Protecting the environment in which we operate and where our employees and our community live is a fundamental deed for the ongoing success of our business. This set of environmental rules has been developed to maintain and improve our company's behavior by encouraging these ecological practices. The framework confirms the values that PAB has had and has always applied, and which must from now on become strategic targets in the development of the company.

We expect from every employee of the company to establish and adopt policies and procedures that comply with minimum standards set by this framework. Each manager may set additional rules to improve his work as well as the compartment’s that he coordinates. We will permanently follow the work of all personnel regarding the principles and minimum standards set by this framework.

I am personally committed to ensuring that we have functional procedures and that the staff from our company’s management provides the exceptionality of our projects in this regard. I expect all our actions to be directed to improve the environment by following these rules."


President PAB Romania 

Our mission is to maintain and develop a large number of contracts and business development projects that will generate profit for investors and real values for customers. In this approach, the environmental protection is one of the essential values in the core virtues of our company.

PAB encourages and supports its staff to develop a strong and environmentally responsible culture. It also acts for developing ecological execution procedures to be followed by all those involved in the company’s projects. The integration of environmental issues can only be achieved when all those responsible involved in the company's operations will contribute directly and side by side to achieve these objectives.

PAB and all the involved factors in joint activities undertake to: - use the environmental procedures and green materials wherever they are provided; 

- implement and periodically review the environmental policies as well as risk management and environmental issue systems 
- provide environmentally efficient projects and services 
- establish target performance levels, measuring and reporting regularly the achieved performances in comparison with those levels 


PAB Romania will always coordinate its affairs in compliance with environmental protection as basic value for the company and its staff. Our approach is based on clear objectives. All participants to the company's activities are obliged to have regard for these procedures supporting their own environmental protection systems. PAB will strive to carry on its operations in a responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. The main objectives in this regard are: 
- comply with all legal requirements, regulations and other management requirements or necessities concerning environmental protection; 
- regularly review the company's operations to identify and assess environmental impact associated with such operations; 
- require that all environmental risks and statutory obligations associated with the company’s activity to be identified, documented and adequately controlled both in the project level (along with all subcontractors) and within the company; 
- to minimize adverse environmental effects, to use active measures for preventing pollution under all its aspects and to contribute to a sustainable development of the building activity; 
- to promote constant improvement of environmental performance of the company and its partners in the implementation and recurrent review of effective environmental policies, management systems and controls; to ensure that all aspects of environmental performance are regularly and correctly reported 
- to ensure that all environmental incidents are reported and managed in order to prevent similar occurrences in future 

We will review the framework of operational rules annually and will reflect progress in achieving objectives, but also the gathered experience and the new regulations and legislative changes appeared after the last review. When necessary this framework can be revised and whenever needed we will implement and add significant changes.