Health & Safety


Simply put, nothing we do is more important than ensuring that our employees and our team members return safely to their loved ones every night.

And that's because we are a company where family is a key word and a society whose employees are regarded as our greatest and most valuable asset. But above all, we stress the safety issue in our work, simply because it is important. Everything we do within PAB to achieve a labor environment that has zero accident potential is not only a priority but a basic principle of our company.

The company's total commitment to safety work rewards everyone involved. Our performance within labor safety has improved steadily. Our approach through preventing events led PAB to achieve a safety record – the registering of an insignificant number of events. The results only motivate us to work even better.

PAB safety philosophy is built around the idea that everyone must be equally involved in safety programs at work. This approach proves to be an effective tool to eliminate deceases, injuries, and professional diseases at work.

Our formal and proactive security program is actively managed by trained and dedicated security professional staff and is best summarized in four words: communication, training, motivation and monitoring. These points are reinforced in the following ways:
- The safety program guidelines (a comprehensive package of tools) are continuously updated to provide the highest level of control
- A safe labor environment is provided through the planning of operations and by minimizing and eliminating potential hazards. If the existing risks can not be eliminated, their harmful effects are minimized by environmental controls, safety training and by providing and mandating the use of individual protective equipment.
- Each member of PAB team is trained to develop and maintain the necessary skills to perform safe work for him and for the others 
- Communication between PAB team members and supervisors is an important part of our program being used to allow the exchange of suggestions that minimize and eliminate work hazards.
- Methods of regular motivation, such as lunch and incentive awards are used to encourage laborers’ participation at work in safety conditions and to improve the circumstances of sites.
- Scheduled or unexpected inspections are conducted regularly to identify potentially unsafe working conditions and provide immediate solutions to correct them.
- Before the beginning of each activity engineers, foremen and team leaders perform a risk analysis for their team to discuss how to perform safely each task.
- Testing for alcohol or drug consumption not only protects our employees from becoming debased individuals, but encourages them to seek help in case they need professional advice concerning alcohol or drug abuse.
- Each employee is trained regarding our expectations of safety work, and those required by the recipient to be followed. Security program implied by the project and its technical aspect is also processed before starting work.
- Before starting the work on site all employees meet with the supervisor at the working point to be explained the importance of security for him and the company
- All new employees are identified and distributed the work so that our experienced employees may supervise and advise them while working on site.