Regardless of manufacturing unique buildings with very low energy consumptions, which follow strict regulations in the field of constructions , or similar buildings that are part of big chains of stores, our approach is the same: we work at the same level of quality , with same promptitude and punctuality, putting people and environment safety higher than anything else. Furthermore, we managed to do over 20 works for the same customer, most of our payees coming back for further co-operation with us. We request the same level of excellence from our partners as we are aware of the fact that we work together to transform vision into reality.

  • In the continuous evolution of the world of commercial buildings, speed, quality and costs make the difference. That is why we are the best, interlacing our knowledge of doing things with the latest technology. We create pragmatic, cost-effective solutions for the most complex commercial buildings and ensure quick and safe manufacturing, controlling all the aspects of your project from preconstruction to delivery. Our financial power, partnerships and the reputation as builders, are at the disposal of each project and customer. We offer certainty for all aspects of a building project.

  • When you need your factory to be built and function, you might wish this to have happened yesterday – and to function from the very beginning. In a world where the day is 24 hours long and the week 7 days (24/7), lost time means lost production, low incomes and small profit. We work so that our customers benefit from the new production facilities exactly when they have planned to do so.