For PAB Romania "to build" represents in fact a partnership. Being a good partner means more than just to put concrete, steel and glass together. It means cooperating with the architects and beneficiaries in order to improve every aspect of their projects. It means to add value to this process of creation - to create buildings that last longer, that are more efficiently used and maintained, buildings that serve better those who live and work within.

In order to achieve a solid development of the business and also for giving confidence and security to your clients, your partners must share this strength and basic values that guide their present actions and vision about how future should look like.

In this context, the association between PAB Romania and Corus - British Steel Nederland International BV Netherlands comes as a natural pursuit of the constant growth that our company has experienced. This increase in both quantity and quality concerning all fields of our activity has resulted in a new company - Corus Building Systems Romania - a joint venture within whose framework we feel both honored and obliged.

Having adhered to the core values of CORUS (one of the largest global manufacturers of metal and metal products) requires a total opening towards what is new and lasting in the field of constructions. Using materials produced by CORUS can be a guarantee of the quality and the sustainability of the executed works. These materials along with our system of quality assurance, safety and health, but also with the respect for the environment, are the guarantee of works that have a particular quality level but are also very "current" in terms of compliance with all the requirements of a modern, economic and efficient building.

Collaboration with CORUS unquestionably means "development", a quantitative development - considering the strength of CORUS as supplier of materials - making possible to tackle more projects at a larger scale, providing certainty and quality concerning their execution within the term. Development concerns also quality - the huge system of production performed by CORUS can provide a diverse range of materials, created due to the latest scientific research in the field, able to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic and sustainability claims.

Our leadership, coordination and monitoring of activity in all its aspects is a developed and upgraded one, with the stated aim to be leaders in this field of activity. We are characterized by the wish to evolve and the constant desire for self-improvement, therefore we can say we have a performance oriented management system able to cope with the projects it undertakes and to keep their excellent performance over time.

As to the development of various relationships and partnerships it should be noted that CORUS system includes many leading companies, active in various areas of the construction industry, whose cooperation may be a new potential for the development and diversification of our activity.

In this regard we are in the process of developing a cooperation with Corus KALZIP specialized in manufacturing and supplying world wide metal solutions of aluminum closures suitable for buildings (facades and roofs). Kalzip – the world's leading aluminum standing seam roofing and wall cladding system is a precision engineered, multi component system with proven durability, high performance and low maintenance. A range of materials, finishes and shapes, virtually limitless design potential and advanced roll forming techniques have enabled Kalzip to combine functionality with stunning aesthetics on both small uncomplicated designs and world-famous, award winning projects. Truly sustainable features, such as solar solutions and Nature Roof provide the perfect finishing touches to the unique Kalzip range.

The new and innovative Kalzip-FC facade system offers architects and designers a flexible and economical solution for coating walls both for new buildings and renovation projects. The innovative fixing and flexible bidirectional assembly system are the new features added by this system to the already known metal ventilated facades.

Installing aluminum profile elements can be made in both directions, from bottom to top or from top to bottom.

Individual panels can be installed without compromising the adjacent panels and this makes the installation process exceptionally economical. Installing scaffolds and the understructure and also other phases of construction can be coordinated flexibly and independently from the installation of the facade.

In addition to the technical advantages offered by the system, the facade panels can be delivered in a full range of colors and finishing methods offered by CORUS COLORS.