Project Services


Working with our own designers or cooperating with independent designers or employed by our beneficiaries, we have the experience of managing large projects and of high complexity. The works executed on the entire spectrum of the construction market have created in time an informational basis meant to provide real data for both an economically efficient design, but also in terms of energy consumption and comfort level of buildings, optimal depending on their destination.



PAB offers a wide range of services in the preconstruction phase - as an important building company should do. The desire for continuous improvement has guided us in developing some processes and progressive and precise tools for evaluating the results of our future work. Although our services vary depending on the method we deliver the project, on the market demands as well as on each client’s demands, there are stable aspects, and these are the results detailed, accurate and complete data that allow to make decisions with full knowledge of the facts and to have total control over costs and schedule of works from beginning to end.

Budget estimation and development
Value analysis
Green consultancy (green materials, energy consumption, impact)
Projects feasibility


During the construction phase of a project, even if this is a new commercial space or a new factory PAB brings to the site experienced builders with solid knowledge, acting on the full interest of the recipient and interacting with the team of designers during the entire period of construction. The services offered by PAB during the construction phase can be grouped into several categories:

Planning the phases of the project (being connected permanently with our partners)
Purchasing the materials and equipments 
Accomplishing the plan independently 
Managing the subcontractors’ activity
Planning and assuring quality, safety and health 
Putting into operation


PAB can be proud of the swiftness in achieving their projects. The closing process begins the very first day when our teams of specialists identify the elements required by the final accomplishment of the works, continuing so that nothing remains incomplete. At the beginning we draw up a checklist of construction elements to be monitored - using a computerized data basis drew up on the PAB experience of millions of built and arranged square meters in order to accomplish the project completely. We end the construction by closing the site and following the bearing of the project by the end of the warranty.