The decision to renovate may be taken for reasons independent of our will, such as physical deterioration of the buildings, the need to increase its performance, due to more demanding legislation and rules concerning buildings, aesthetic changes required by a change in the architecture of an area. Renovation brings a lot of benefits by increasing the amount of the rent and the selling price, rising the energy efficiency and lowering the use costs, offering high stability in time regarding the quality of facades and therefore lower maintenance costs.

Either you want to increase the selling price or the rental opportunities, to reduce energy bills, to improve the appearance of the building or even to solve leakage through the roof, we have the answers that help you solve your design problems.

We let you know what a refurbishment project involves, from costs to execution speed, from the possibility of execution without evacuating the building to health and safety issues. With a wide range of options regarding materials and colors, we have solutions to warrant long standing buildings, with a guarantee of up to 40 years.


You are to invest in a renovation that maintains or increases the financial and aesthetical value of your buildings. Under our guidance you can receive the necessary knowledge to make the right decisions in carrying out your renovation and rehabilitation projects, for results of maximum benefit having minimum costs, for a long standing building, for an environmental impact as low as possible, for an increase of the building’s benefit.


Future is in your hands, using the correct solution for renovation and rehabilitation you can limit your costs and excessive effort involved by the building’s maintenance. Make sure you are ready to encounter today’s but also tomorrow’s laws and regulations by a quality renovation, with energy efficiency and a perfect sealing. Find out all you need to know about solutions that allow long standing refurbishment and an exceptional long-term aesthetics. If you are concerned about the frequent maintenance problems of your facades: self- cleaning effect will ease your task.


A rapid installation does not mean superficiality. With our solutions for facades we assure a quick implementation and the highest quality for the building’s closure system for facades with a perfect aesthetic as well as for hermetic, leak-proof, safe and resistant roofs. Not only the execution, but also the delivery of the construction items are made in the shortest possible time. All these come in addition to our long-term guarantees, up to 40 years, according to the adopted solution and the employed products.


Health and safety

Renovation may be a matter of urgency in case there are health and security risks such as unstable parts of the construction (facades with compromised elements) or the existence of items containing asbestos.


Carrying out a renovations has positive effects on future costs, such as reducing energy consumption due to improved thermal performance and tightness. As we speak of a large amplitude work you must ensure that this money is spent usefully and that no renovation would be necessary, if possible, during the whole life of the building.


Speed is essential in making a fast, reliable and efficient work.

The evacuation of the building during execution

Most times keeping the building functional during the execution is a major concern due to costs associated with closing it or moving its occupants. We provide solutions that enable continuing the activities and even living in the building during its renovation.

Renovation can improve thermal efficiency and recover losses resulting from the lack of tightness inducing energy savings of up to 75-80%

Renovating and rehabilitating the closure system of the buildings can bring a huge increase in its thermal performance. Modern insulation, ventilated facades that bring the benefits of the latest technologies, the hermetic sealing of the carpentry elements used, roofs with thermal insulation that tighten one hundred percent, made according to the latest regulations help reducing heat loss by up to 80%.

Once the energy performance certificates introduced, building owners can betoken the thermal performance of their building in case of sale.

As an additional benefit of a building with high thermal efficiency we can discuss the environmental impact. Reducing CO2 emissions for thermal efficient buildings means to align to the regulations that tend to become increasingly severe.