Steel structures are extremely versatile and widely used in several industrial, commercial and agricultural environments. These structures offer ample spaces for any activity and can be personalized to cater to specific requests and technological processes.

From light metallic structures designed to satisfy restrictive budget needs to structures designed to handle the harshest work conditions, we can design and build any kind of construction, for modern buildings that respect all standards of safety and quality.

The technological structures and elements produced by us can have several uses: from trestles for complex technological lines, containers and buildings for special uses, underground and overground reservoires and metallic products meant to complete any production line.


  • Production of metallic constructions and components of metallic structures
  • Production of reservoires, tanks and metallic containers
  • Treatment and coverage of metals
  • General mechanics operations

A few numbers

  • 30.000.000 kg processed steel
  • 1.500 tons / month