Founded in 2004
Joint stock 1.250€


P.A.B. Company d.o.o.

Sindjelićeva 2, 26300,
Vrsac, Srbija

Country Manager
Marinike Kapacin

PAB Company d.o.o. established in Vrsac, Serbia, was founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of P.A.B. Romania S.R.L., being one of the first companies in Serbia to make ventilated facades and roofs composed of ondulated sheets, mineral wool and PVC membrane.

By respecting the principles of the mother company, all works are done in conformity with local laws, technical norms, labor protection and respecting the deadlines.

Thanks to the experience with works done in Serbia, P.A.B. Company d.o.o. has developed a strong expertise in customs formalities and non-EU logistics.

Core business

P.A.B. Company d.o.o.’s core business is industrial and civil construction, roads and bridges.


  • Buildings (offices, homes)
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Logistics and storage buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Sports venues

Promenada Novi Sad

the biggest mall in the Balkans