27 years of experience

30.000.000 kg processed steel

Based in Arad, right next to the P.A.B. Romania headquarters, the steel factory now functions in a new facility, designed to host a production of 1500tons/month of even the most complex steel products.

The technologic flow can be organized on two main assembly lines, but it can also be divided based on the needs to accomodate any kind of metallic structure or product. The flexibility is guaranteed by 12 overhead cranes (5t+5t) as well as transfer lines with conveyors and manual and automatic transfer tables.

The processing lines are equipped with two machines for profiles (Kaltenbach KDM1015+KBS1051) and two plasma cutting machines (ESSAB SUPRAREX SXE5000+SXE3000), all with numerical control. The assembly is done at 36 welding stations by the best locksmiths and welders, equipped with MIG/MAG welding machines and the most recent fitting devices.

For difficult cuts or for special ornamental facades, we use the laser cutting machine which can cut up to 25mm in steel, 15mm in stainless steel and 12mm in aluminum. With a positioning and cutting precision of 0.05mm and a cutting speed of up to 131m/min, this machine is capable of extraordinary performances.

The factory also has computer controlled lines that roll profiles and sheets for complex curved products. It is possible to roll profiles up to HEB280 and sheets up to 12mm thick.

The production line is equipped with a sheet rolling machine (600tf), capable of working with sheets up to 12mm/6m. There is also a line for thin sheets complete with roller conveyor, guillotine and two rolling machine with numerical control which can work sheets up to 3mm thick and 6m long.

Before painting, all products are sandblasted in a completely automated sandblaster which can handle pieces up to 2500x3200x12000mm. Another smaller sandblasting line (Roesler) is available for smaller pieces.

Painting, the final operation, is done in modern painting rooms with top quality materials which will ensure a reliable product.